While growing up I always enjoyed the feel of a pencil in my hand and the images that were created while dragging it across any scrap of paper I could find. Art is in my veins. Over the years as my career has encompassed digging into new ways to express myself and what goes on in my head, I love to tell stories. Below you can read about a few aspects of mine.
Earlier in my life I loved to draw and in school I picked up some other media such as painting, photography and sculpture to continue my love for art. IN college I found I could combine my love for fine art with digital design and the my artwork has never been the same. I love how I can merge my analog work within a digital environment to communicate in more efficient and powerful ways. On top of that I feel privileged to have been able to work in a variety of workplaces and with a variety of people that have expanded my knowledge base.
In one of my college classes I had to purchase a 6 pack of paint in bottles to use in some projects and paintings. Little did I know how this would affect my future. Painting has been one of the most enjoyable mediums that I have used for my art. In 2003 I had the opportunity to paint on a 4x6 canvas during a conference and another focus of my art began – the pictable. A pictable stands for picture parable and a story unfolds on a canvas while I am painting. From concerts to school assemblies to street art, I have traveled the world to tell stories on large canvases right in front of people's very eyes.
In 2014, I created a series of illustrations of a character named Andey Andy Jones. He is a boy who lives in his imagination and goes on adventures with his friends. After seeing the artwork, someone suggested that I should write a children's book around the images. Taking them up on that advice, I found that the stories were easier to put to paper because they were already in my head when I created the drawings. The process was so much fun because in a way it was very autobiographical. There was so much of me in him as well as my son who was 10 years old at the time. You can find the books here.
Since I have been creating art from a very young age, I have enjoyed creating with intention. When a piece is created that doesn't fit into one of the areas listed above, it usually gets tucked away in my studio or gets placed on one of the walls.

Let's tell your story.

todd damotte
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