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Born with a pencil in hand and a proclivity for thinking in the right hemisphere, Todd has always loved art. You may be inclined to call him Jack due to his diversity of many trades, and his curiosity to embrace multiple mediums within his work.


Telling a good story with a strong visual has always been his passion. Use the right tool to communicate the proper message to your audience. His pencil was his first, tool but he now commands the keys of a keyboard, a brush in a colorful palette, pixels pushed around a digital canvas and flickering frames of a moving story.


Talent, vision, passion and the tools to accomplish his vision are Todd's superhero abilities. He can help you tell your story through a redesigned logo, a captivating illustration, a bold painting on your wall or an engaging video moving your audience to action.


Experience the many facets of Todd's creativity below…


The Adventures of Andey Andy Jones

Not A Fan Message Series

Love is on the Move music video

Creating illustrations for books, branding packages, videos and such is the epitome of the joy of working in multiple mediums for Todd. From paint to pixels, he loves crafting highly imaginative stories that make up the background for each illustration.


Take a journey through Todd's illustrative work, and get lost in the stories that surround his characters. If you have a story that you want to add some life to, contact him today.


See Todd's illustration portfolio…

Wander over to his digital dumping ground/sketchbook at Ranter Bandom…

fine art

symbolic abstract

On the canvas of an abstract painting there is space for meaning. Todd intentionally infuses meaning into each piece that he creates. Every drip of paint and stroke of the brush has a purpose to be collected to create a larger sense of value. Where the average viewer may see an accident, Todd infuses intentionality and significance  into his work.



representational  expressionism

Consider living within a highly creative imagination from a young age. As an artist, Todd has always been intimately in touch with his imaginative mind. Expressing the images that come from his head onto a canvas allow him to communicate how he experiences life and

If you are interested in a piece from his current body of work or would like to commission his to create something just for you, contact him today.



Delve into Todd's fine art work…


graphic design

Growing up with a pencil in hand, it was easy to pick the direction to pursue in college – art. It was during this time that he fell in love with how the computer could take his fine art background and put a digital twist on his work. After many years of experience working in various fields, he can provide for your advertising, marketing and design needs through his design firm, Chez Seigneur.


View his portfolio at Chez Seigneur…




video production

Why stick with a static image when you can communicate through moving pictures? Video has become one of Todd's favorite mediums due to it's flexibility and ability to contain many of the mediums with which he already works. This moving format becomes the container that holds his illustrations, designs and merges them with video.


Grab some popcorn and
sit back to enjoy some of Todd's moving stories…




performance artist

The creation of art is a mesmerizing experience and people love to see a work of art created in front of their very eyes.


Find out more about the pictable…




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artist, storyteller, visionary