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One of the more recent memories that Todd has made is that of becoming an author. After creating 30+ illustrations of a rather imaginative little adventurer in a splurge of creative energy, Andey Andy Jones was born. Even during the process of writing the book the creation process could not be contained because when there was too much content for one book, he had to expand the initial book into a 3 book series.


You can learn more about Andey's adventures here.

Love is on the Move is the name of a song by the band Leeland. This was the theme song for a message series for Lee's Summit Community Church. The illustrations were used for the message branding, bumper, storytelling videos, bulletin and collectible ticket designs.

Not A Fan is the name of another message series for LSCC. The illustrations of the various fans above were used in the branding,  message bumper, bulletin, ticket and t-shirt designs.

Mythic character sigils

Mythic graphic novel concept art

Square Pear Sponge Pants character design

Contact Todd at info@damotte.com for more info on commissioning him or seeing more of his current work.



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